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Our mission is to safeguard life, health, and property by assuring that those who practice the professions of engineering and land surveying attain and maintain competence in those professions.

Retired License renewal fee eliminated!

At the last Board meeting, the Board approved removing the renewal fee for retired licenses. These licenses may wish to renew in order to remain on the mailing list and receive notices from the Board, but the fee will be $0. The actions required to renew these licenses online will be to verify the retiree's contact information and for the retiree to acknowledge the renewal certification. Reinstatement from retired status to active status is $150 (active license renewal fee) and the fee is the same for expired or active retirees. Retirees are exempt from CPD, but in order to reinstate to active status, in addition to the fee, they must comply with the CPD Rule requirements for reinstatement.

EIT/EI eligible for the PE?

An email was sent to all those EI/EITs that are now eligible to take the PE (since decoupling the exam from the experience) on 11-15-19. It provided a heads-up on the upcoming April 2020 exam cycle and noted a PE Exam review course by University of Idaho

Signing up for the national examinations is easy!

It is easy for engineering and surveying students and professional applicants to register for the examinations. All applicants for the examinations may now enroll directly with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) at

Registration for the CBT PE Mechanical, Fire Protection, and Industrial and Systems exams opened on Monday, November 4, 2019. For the PE Mechanical exam, the first appointments will begin in April 2020. For the PE Fire Protection and Industrial and Systems exams, their date will be October 22, 2020.

I Have Questions About

Please send the following specific requests to the individuals indicated below:

  • Requests for changes to license or certificate records

    Company and Corporate Address Changes do not change addresses of individual licensees. Each licensee is responsible for their own address change.

    Individual changes do not change Company addresses. Company changes do not change individual addresses. Any address placed on your CPD log will not change your record address. You must submit changes per the above procedure

    PLEASE NOTE, we do currently not maintain fax numbers and maintain only ONE MAILING ADDRESS per license or certificate holder. This may be your personal address OR your employment address; whatever address you use for official notifications from the Board becomes public record. To review the address currently on file, please see Searches for Licensees which is found under "Current Licensees" tab. If you do not wish to change the address displayed, please do not submit a notification of change of address. For questions, please email

  • License and/or Exam verifications (no fee required by Idaho) should be requested through You'll have to signup for an account with them and then follow the links for a license or exam verification.
  • Examination Questions, Exam Reassignments,: email
  • Continuing Education for Engineers (see also CPD Info link), Engineering Complaints & Investigations and Website issues: email
  • Continuing Education for PLSs, Land Surveying, Land Surveying Complaints & Investigations: email
  • Ethical Questions, Legislation/Rules, Speaking Opportunities, and any issues not covered above: email

Upcoming Meeting

April 8-9, 2020
Regular Meeting
Meridian, ID

Recent Updates

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