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Our mission is to safeguard the publics life, health, and property by assuring that those who practice the professions of engineering and land surveying have attained and continue to maintain their competence in those professions.

Retired License renewal fee eliminated!

Effective 1/1/2020 the Board approved removing the renewal fee for retired licenses. These licensees may wish to renew in order to remain on the mailing list and receive notices from the Board, but the fee will be $0. The actions required to renew these licenses online will be to verify the retiree's contact information and for the retiree to acknowledge the renewal certification. Reinstatement from retired status to active status is $150 (active license renewal fee) and the fee is the same for expired or active retirees. To do this, you must request a reinstatement form from Edith Williams Retirees are exempt from CPD, but in order to reinstate to active status, in addition to the fee, they must comply with the CPD Rule requirements for reinstatement. You can attach your scanned log to the request to reinstate email or send separately to Michael Hyde.