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Application Information and Forms

All P.E. and P.L.S. applicants will need a copy of the 3/20/2020 Laws and Rules Pertaining to the Practice of the Professions of Engineering and Land Surveying with each of the application packets. You may print it from this link (it is approximately 60 pages) .

If you are currently licensed a P.E. in Idaho and have taken an additional NCEES PE exam and wish to add that additional qualification to your Idaho file as 'especially qualified in' the additional discipline , simply send a letter or email to the office and request the additional qualification to be added. If you want your wall certificate to indicate such, you will need to request the office for a new wall certificate to be issued.

If you were not originally licensed in another jurisdiction of the United States, or originally licensed in a licensing system currently considered equivalent by the Board, and applying for your initial licensure you must take and pass both NCEES examinations (FE and PE or FS and PS), meet the educational requirements, meet the experience requirements and residency requirements.

You should also read Qualifications and Fee Information for Applicants (OF-6) and Examination Dates .

If your engineering degree is not accredited by EAC/ABET then you may need a third-party evaluation of your academic credentials. Our Board accepts evaluations from the NCEES Credentials Evaluation Service.

If you took an exam in another U.S. jurisdiction that is required for your Idaho application (all comity applicants and PE or PLS examination candidates who took their EIT/LSIT or FE/FS in another jurisdiction) please click HERE. Signup for an account and request verifications be sent to the Idaho Board - or simply fill-out the verification request forms in the packet and mail to the other Board.

If you were originally licensed in a Canadian Province, please have that Province verify your license and discipline status directly to the Idaho Board. If you were originally licensed as a the United Kingdom, please email the Engineers Council at and have your credential independently validated to the Idaho Board by the Engineering Council. If originally licensed in a Canadian province or in the U.K., please read Board Policy on Comity Licensure for Foreign Applicants