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Continuing Professional Development Information/Resources

The Administrative Rules relating to Continuing Professional Development for licensees of the Board are at IDAPA 10, Title 01 Chapter 04. Rule 007 of that chapter states, in pertinent part, ". . . the Board will not pre-approve activities as qualifying for continuing professional development, but has final authority to judge the PDH value for all activities submitted to fulfill continuing professional development requirements." An "Activity" in that chapter is defined as "Any qualifying action with a clear purpose and objective which will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee's field of practice or practices." What might qualify as an "activity" for one licensee may not qualify as an "activity" for another licensee because of the word "relevant" in the definition.

If the courses meet the definition of an "activity" for you, then you may claim them as continuing professional development, but you need to be able to defend them in the event you are selected for a continuing professional development audit. Rule 005 sets the minium number of PDHs to comply which is currently thirty (30) PDHs per biennium in two or more activity areas. The types are listed #01-11 immediately below paragraph 005

When submitting logs or attendance records to the Board, upon their request, electronic submittals by email ( of scanned or other electronic records are preferred.

Frequently-Asked CPD Questions (CPD-FAQs)

How can I be assured that CPD I take will be accepted by the Board?

Are Idaho licensed engineers now subject to the Rules of Continuing Professional Development I see on your website?

Do Idaho licensed engineers now submit their log and records of Continuing Professional Development on renewal?

Rules of Continuing Professional Development table 006 Units, the requirements for patents appears to be incomplete. "Each patent not to exceed per year" is assigned 5 PDH units. This does not tell me if I can count one (1) patent or multiple patents per year. And, do I count the PDH units when the patent is filed or when the patent is issued?

I'm an evaluator on an ABET visit, can I get PDH credit for this volunteer work?

I've taken the Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) program, can I get PDHs for that?

I prepare extensive and detailed survey reports which require many hours of additional research including case law, which are not required to be prepared by law or my clients, can I get PDHs for that?

I just studied for, took and passed an additional PE exam. Is any of that creditable towards my PDH requirements?

I'm required to take CFeds Continuing Education for maintenance of my CFeds status - does it count toward my Idaho requirement? How much?

OMG, I need to renew in the next few days and I don't think I have the CPD required - what are my options should I not have the required amount?

I need to reinstate my retired (or lapsed) license. It lapsed (or expired) four and 1/2 years ago. How much CPD do I need?