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Continuing Professional Development Information/Resources

The Administrative Rules relating to Continuing Professional Development for licensees of the Board are at IDAPA 24, Title 32 Chapter 1, SubChapt C.

If the courses meet the criteria covered in Section 3 of the NCEES CPC Guidelines, then it is acceptable.

When submitting logs or attendance records to the Board, upon their request, electronic submittals by email ( of scanned or other electronic records are preferred in PDF format - do not use cloud file transfers such as one-drive, dropbox, google drive, etc. as we have no way of ensuring the files are 1) from you or 2) free of malware.

Frequently-Asked CPD Questions (CPD-FAQs)

The Board has agreed to accept any appropriate CPD that is on the registered provider list at otherwise it is up to the licensee to assure themselves that it meets the critera of Section 3 of the NCEES CPC Guidelines 2017.

What counts? Review the Criteria covered in Section 3 of the CPC Guidelines at NCEES in the CPC-Guidelines-2017 and if you can assure yourself that the CPD your taking meets this criteria, you're on safe ground (subject to the category maximum hour limitations).

No, the Board voted that you're exempt during the 1st license period before your 1st renewal (since it is not a full two (2) year period)

Short answer - Yes.

Long answer - The changes in the Idaho Code as a result of the passage of HB 380 last legislative session (2008) and which went into effect on 1 July 2008, enables the Board to require CPD for both engineers and land surveyors. Implementation of that authority is in IDAPA Subchapter C Rules of Continuing Professional Development for Land Surveyors which places the requirement on both land surveyors and engineers as of May 08, 2009. The engineers are exempt, though, from the date of implementation (May 8, 2009) until their first biennial renewal after that date. At that renewal they must start collecting CPD hours to comply with the requirements (30 PDHs per Biennium per profession). If you collect any PDHs in the current renewal period while you are exempt from the requirement, you may carry forward up to 30 PDHs into the next period.

Short answer - No, effective with renewals in Jul 2013, the log is no longer required to be submitted with all PE, PLS, and PE/LS renewals. There will still be random log checks and audits. The audits will be a request for your log submission and your attendance records. The log checks will ask for only your log. If problems are found in your log or you fail to provide one, then you will also be audited.

Long answer - If you look at the Rule, which is available on our website and always at you will note you are only required to produce your attendance records when audited. You will be notified by the Board office should you be the subject of an audit.

The intent of the Patent is to indicate that we would allow 5 PDHs for obtaining a Patent, but only allow 5 PDHs per year credit for the activity of obtaining Patents. So, in a two year renewal period (biennium), you could claim credit of up to 10 PDHs if you had obtained two patents within that two year period. If you obtained more than that, and that credit at 5 PDHs per Patent allowed you to exceed the 30 PDHs requirement in a biennium, you could carry the excess credit forward. If that situation occurs, please review the Rule on carrying forward credit and the record keeping requirements for carrying forward credit. The credit should be claimed when the Patent is issued.

The Board ruled on 4/8/11 that this does count toward CPD Credit. Visit hours with the team and while evaluating the university are hour for hour credit. Pre-visit review of self-evaluation materials from the university are credited 5 PDHs.

The Board took this question up at their November 16-18, 2009, Meeting in Boise and determined that they would allow 15 PDHs each for completing each of the of the seven modules (105 PDHs) and another 75 PDHs for completing the program by passing the final cumulative examination (105 PDHs + 75 PDHs = 180 PDHs total)

The Board said during their September 2012 meeting, that they would allow the maximum self-study hours for studying for an additional PE examination and also allow the actual number of exam hours to be credited, as well, for taking the exam. So, if in a renewal biennium, you spent forty-eight (48) hours studying to take an additional PE exam and then took an eight hour PE exam and passed for an additional practice discipline area, you would be allowed to claim the maximum allowed self-study in a two year biennium of six (6) PDHs plus an additional eight (8) PDHs for taking and passing the additional examination.

The continuing education for CFedS does not follow the standard definition of “Continuing Education Units”. The board reviewed the matter and has adopted a ratio of 1 CFedS continuing education credit equals 5 professional development hours. These hours should be logged as a workshop (activity type 4).

You have some options. Two without disciplinary action at all:

  1. Hurry and obtain the requisite amount and log it; or
  2. Allow your license to lapse and obtain the requisite amount whenever you can.
    1. If it takes more than three (3) months lapsed to obtain, log the requisite CPD obtained and submit it and attendance records with your renewal fee, late fees and request reinstatement under IDPAPA - Note: you may not practice while your license is expired! or
    2. if less than three (3) months lapsed, log the requisite CPD obtained and attendance records, pay renewal and late fees, pay a 1-time Administrative Penalty of $400, and sign and submit the form . This Form requires that all required CPD & Records and Fees be included with it BEFORE submittal to the Board office.

Any CPD obtained under a) or b) is not allowed to be counted in the next renewal period (you can't double count).

Should you need to continue your practice and are not able to allow it to lapse, then the matter becomes a disciplinary matter. You will need to have a Case Number assigned and then negotiate a settlement agreement with the staff prosecutor or you can use the administrative penalty option (in lieu of discipline) above by paying a 1-time Administrative Penalty of $400, and signing and submiting the required form. This Form requires that all required CPD & Records and Fees be included with it BEFORE submittal to the Board office. Any CPD obtained under a) or b) is not allowed to be counted in the next renewal period (you can't double count).

If you do not need to practice in Idaho any more (either because you've retired or are practicing elsewhere), in lieu of discipline, you can consider two options in lieu of discipline:

  1. Surrender in lieu of Discipline or
  2. Retire in lieu of Discipline.

To elect any of the above, contact the office for a specific form.

What counts? Review the definition of "Activity" in Section 3 of the NCEES CPC Guidelines and if you can assure yourself that the CPD your taking meets this definition, you're on safe ground (subject to the category maximum hour limitations). You may actually have taken the required CPD and simply need to document it in a log.

The Board requires sixty (60) PDHs within the past four (4) years in order to reinstate. Any CPD used to reinstate, cannot count for the biennium's requirement that you're reinstated in. e.g., if you reinstate with one year remaining in the current biennium, and you used all the CPD you had to reinstate, you'd need an additional thirty (30) PDHs to comply with the Rule at the next renewal in one year.