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Attention Military Service Members,Veterans and their spouses

If you are a member of the armed forces, an honorably discharged veteran or the spouse of one, you are entitled to certain benefits because of your service. Those benefits may include expedited processing of your application and credit for your military training that is relevant to the occupational license/registration for which you are applying.

For a full explanation of eligibility and a comprehensive description of the benefits available, see Idaho Code 67-9401-9407. Additionally, active members of the military may be eligible for a waiver of renewal fees and other renewal requirements; see Idaho Code 67-2602A.

NCEES Expedites and removes fees for Active Military Record transmittals

Professional engineers and surveyors who are actively serving in the military and their spouses will be eligible to transmit their NCEES Record to a member board at no charge when military orders require them to move to a new state. These transmittals will include a military designation in the existing remarks section on the first page to alert member boards as to their military status. Member boards are strongly encouraged to prioritize these applications for processing.

Military-related applicants can start the process by emailing Information is also available on the NCEES website at