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Authorized Businesses


The State of Idaho Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Search, as presented, is made available on the State of Idaho website as a public service. The database used for this inquiry is updated on a regular basis, but might not contain all current information since it is contingent upon the licensees to provide the information.
License number prefix:

"P-" = Professional Engineer License
"L-" = Professional Land Surveyor License
"PL-" = Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor Combo License
"C-" = Business Entity Certificate of Authorization
"E-" = Engineer Intern Certification
"S-" = Surveyor Intern Certification

Idaho Code § 74-106 governs personal information exempt from disclosure pursuant to a public records request. Subsection (8) limits information available from the Board to the public regarding licensees to names, business addresses and business phone numbers. You may download a complete list of all Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, and Businesses offering those professional services from the web page: .
In the complete download, you will also receive the business address of any Board applicant who provided a business address as well as engineering interns and surveying interns who hold a certificate issued by the Board. No mailing address not clearly a business address will be provided. Email addresses for professional engineers, professional land surveyors and certificate holders are not available pursuant to statute.
As provided in Idaho Code § 74-115, if you believe the denied documents should be available to you, you may institute proceedings in Ada County District Court within one hundred eighty (180) calendar days of the date of this letter requesting that the court compel the Idaho State Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors to make the information available to you.

License/Certificate Number Legend

C Business Entity
E EI - Engineer Intern
L LS - Professional Land Surveyor
P PE - Professional Engineer
S LSI - Land Surveyor Intern
PL PE/LS - Combined License

Discipline Legend

AcE Acoustical Engineer
AerE Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer
AgE Agricultural Engineer
ArE Architectural Engineer
CE Civil Engineer
ChE Chemical Engineer
COA Certificate of Authorization
CsE Control System Engineer
EE Electrical Engineer
EnvE Environmental Engineer
ForE Forest Engineer
FpE Fire Protection Engineer
GeoE Geological Engineer
IE Industrial Engineer
LS Land Surveyor
ManE Manufacturing Engineer
ME Mechanical Engineer
MetE Metallurgical Engineer
MinE Mining Engineer
NamE Naval Architecture & Marine Engineer
NE Nuclear Engineer
PetE Petroleum Engineer
SE Structural Engineer