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Roster Search of Certificate and License Holders

The Roster listing is sorted by the number of the license or certificate that has been issued by the Board and includes the names and numbers of all license or certificate holders whose fees are current. The current roster listing can be searched by number or name, but not by both.

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The State of Idaho Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Search, as presented, is made available on the State of Idaho website as a public service. The database used for this inquiry is updated on a regular basis, but might not contain all current information.
License number prefix:

"P-" = Professional Engineer License
"L-" = Professional Land Surveyor License
"PL-" = Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor
         Combo License
"C-" = Business Entity Certificate of Authorization
"E-" = Engineer Intern Certification
"S-" = Surveyor Intern Certification

Search Hints

  • You can search EITHER by the person's number OR by the person's name, but not by both.
  • To search for a Corporation, type the corporation name in the "Last Name" field.
  • If you are not certain of the spelling, search for only a portion of it:
    • If you are unsure if you are looking for Johnson, Johnston, or Johnsen, search for Johns
    • If you are unsure if you are looking for John or Jon, search for Jo

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Database Last Modified - 04/22/2024